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Model No. – LATP-1090a Make – WESWOX

Description :

Weswox LATP-1090a tissue processor is a compact, bench top, linear tissue

Processor designed to process biological tissue from fixation to paraffin

Infiltration. The unique linear design offers reliable technique in a small

Space in the laboratory. Weswox LATP-1090a includes 14 trays, 10 reagents

And 4 paraffin, can process 2 x 75 samples simultaneously. All the reagent

And paraffin containers are completely closed to prevent evaporation,

Electrostatic filter prevent solvent odors and pollution. WESWOX LATP-1090a can be programmed for immediate or delayed start, the immersion time can be set from 1 minute to 99 hours and 59 minutes.


Features :

  • Two baskets can be processed At same time.
  • Run two different programs simultaneously.
  • Ion filter eliminate completely reagent’s vapors.
  • Delay process time from any station.
  • Digital electronic temperature control.
  • Movement parts are in bearing linear guide for high precision on axis.
  • Control and programming board made in touch screen technology.
  • Ergonomic designe.


Technical Specifications:


Number of Stations 14
Number of paraffin Station 4
Number of stored programs 6
Number of samples in process 150
Capacity of single tray 1500 ml
Setting range time for each step From 1 min. to 99 h 59min
Temperature range for paraffin From 50oC to 89oC increments 1oC.
Up and Down agitation 4 time every 5 min
Delay time setting 99h 99 min
UPS Outside
Nominal supply voltage 220V / 50Hz, 110V / 60 Hz
Maximum power draw 1000 VA
Width 1400 mm
Depth 500mm
Height 550mm
Weight 142 Kg


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