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Optical System : Infinity corrected optical system. Harmonic component system/semi apochromatically corrected optics.
Obsevation Head : Upright microscope for bright field and phase contrast. Sidentopf Trinocular observation head inclined at 30° rotatable at 360°. Vertical phototube for micro photography. Diopter adjustment ring on ocular tube. (±5) Interpupillary distance from 48 mm to 75 mm. Upright microscope for Bright field and Phase contrast. 5 step LED Display on both side of stand. Tube Length 180mm.
Eyepiece : WF 10x eyepiece of 22 mm F.O.V, Primo star are anti-fungus treated and distribution three way distribution. Eyepiece pointer is retrofitted.
Nosepiece : Reverse angle Quintuple/sextuple nosepiece revolving on ball bearings. Nosepiece 4x, inclined backward 4x.
Objective : Infinity Corrected anti mold, anti-fungus treated. Magnification 40x to 1000x.
Plan Achromatic 2X N.A 0.06, Plan Achromatic 4X N.A 0.10, Plan Achromatic 10X N.A 0.25, Plan Achromatic 40X (S.L.) N.A 0.65, Plan Achromatic 100X Oil (S.L.) N.A 1.25.
Mechanical Stage : Ceramic coated low drive Rackless Mechanical stage size 187mm x 167mm & having low positioned coaxial controls on ball bearing guide ways. Mechanical stage is hard and scratch free. Double specimen
holder on left and right hand side for two slides holder with long X Y control handle. Travel range 75mm x 30mm.
Condenser : Universal Swing out abbe condenser N.A. 0.9/1.25, filter holder and iris diaphragm for objcctives (2X- 100x). 5 position suitable for BF,DF and PH. Holder for phase contrast and dark-field sliders.
Focusing : Co-axial focusing control with large knob, pre-focusing lever & tension adjustment ring. Fine div 0.001mm, coarse stroke 48mm per rotation, Fine stroke 1micron/rotation .Moving range 25mm.
Illumination : Koehler’s illumination system with LED 3W/6V with life of 20000 Hrs. HAL 30W/6V Aspherical collector. Brightness control knob. Universal Power Supply 100 V to 240 V,AC 50-60 Hertz, CE Compliant.
Sub Stage Condenser : Swing out front lens, abbe condenser N.A. 0.9/1.25, filter holder and iris diaphragm.
Standard Accessories : Dust cover, blue filter, guarantee card operating manual and Styrofoam molded pack.
Optional Accessories : Camera with software. Upgradeable to Fluorescence Attachment at least 6 filter position on a turret at a time. 20 W Halogen bulb. Body Multi viewing observation body including cordstoppers Do1085 (2 pcs) and AC adapter.
Certifications : European CE certified.
Warranty : 2 year warranty. Extended warranty can be provided on request.
Stand : Easy to Operate, Robust and durable, Modular illumination concept. Carrying handle integrated in Stand. 50% : 50% (vis:doc), Several photo adapter available for phototube DZ 2479.



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