Research Fluorescent Microscope

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Model No. – FM-5000 Make – WESWOX

ü Trinocular Observation Head : Siedentopf observation head inclined at 30° rotatable at 360°.Vertical phototube for micro photography. Diopter adjustment ring on ocular tube(±5). Inter-pupillary distance from 48mm to 75mm.

ü Eyepiece : (Anti fungus) 10X/25 mm with diopter adjustment.

  • Objectives (Anti fungus coated)

Plan Achromatic 2X

Plan Achromatic 4X

Plan Achromatic 10X

Plan Achromatic 20X

Plan Achromatic 40X

Plan Achromatic 100X

  • Mechanical Stage Double Plate reckless Mechanical stage is 187mmX168mm Slot for Polarizer and DIC. The mechanical stage has low positioned co-axial controls on ball bearing guide ways.
  • Nosepiece Reverse angle sextuple nosepiece on ball bearing.
  • Focusing Co-axial focusing system with large knobs, pre-focusing lever & tension adjustment ring. Fine division 0.001mm course, per rotation, fine stroke 0.1mm per rotation, moving range: 80mm X 55mm. Built in transmitted filter LBD/ND6/ND25.
  • Sub stage Condenser Swing out front lens, abbe condenser A. 0.9/0.25, filter holder & iris diaphragm
  • Excitation Filters (Optional)

B Excitation (400-490nm) standard

G Excitation (510-550nm) standard

UV Excitation (330-385nm) standard

V Excitation (400-410nm) standard

  • Reflected Illumination System Sextuple reflected fluorescence illuminator with iris field diaphragm and aperture diaphragm, central adjustable with filter slot and polarizing slot, with florescence filter (B/G/UV/V) 100W Mercury lamp house, filament centre and focus adjustable with reflected mirror, centre and focus adjustable
  • Power Digital power controller, wide voltage 100-240 VAC. Imported OSRAM 100W Mercury lamp.
  • Illumination Transmitted Illuminator 12V/100W halogen lamp house for transmitted light, centre pre-set, intensity adjustable.

Standard Accessories

12V/100W halogen tungsten bulb, Power cord and cedar oil.

Warranty: Two Years and One Year in electrical.


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